Tuesday, January 24, 2012

samples are ready

the samples for both contiguous projects/patterns are ready!

as i said before the cardi is on the big side - 
it was intended to be comfortable, but i'm not sure 
if i have to edit the stcounts?!

the simple contiguous-for-beginners v-neck sweater turned out
great (if i may say so?) knitted on a loose gauge with 
2 nonlabled yarns i had in my stash for a long, long time

so my work for the next days will be to write clean copies
of the patterns and check the numbers, that we hopefully
could start the testing next week?! (or the week after next  :))

have creative days
isa k.


  1. Loove the striped version. Would make a great beach sweater!

  2. I really like the striped pullover! Both sweaters are gorgeous!

  3. Can i testknit for you please ? I cant decide which, both are great, so may i do both of them please c please ? Thanks.....jackie

    1. Yes, please! You can send a PM via Ravelry or an email with you emailadress
      But I think it will take me a few days to get the patterns ready

  4. If you are still looking for test knitters, I am interested in both but especially the last one as I really want to try the contigious method! I am willing to put all my other projects aside for this :D

    Love both designs, like I love all your designs!

    1. the grandpa cardi is also worked with the contiguous method, but I think
      the striped version would be better to begin
      please send me your emailadress and I will send out the pattern as soon as it is ready

    2. Thank you! Please mail me at rrej37@hotmail.com. Can you already let me know the needles/yarn I need so I can start looking? Oh, so excited!

  5. Would love to test knit for you also, and try the contigious method! Looks
    like a staple for my wordrobe! Tangledturtle

  6. Looove the Cardigan. I could testknit for you too.


  7. I also would like to join your test knitting group, both sweaters are georgious, but this Cardigan!!!... I am dying for.

  8. I would love to test knit this one! Link to my ravelry...


    (size large or xl )

  9. I am in for test knit too. Would be my honor to do that again! Sunny