Tuesday, November 15, 2011

back again

sorry for being absent so long,
so much work, so less time....

couldn't resist showing this "little" angel
i made out of a styrofoam ball, wooden toothpicks and


also have many projects on my needles
a few are ready - have to do some pics!
(both cameras were on holidays the last weeks; 
one in egypt with my third owlsister, the other went to heidelberg with M.)

working on a mohair shawl/scarf with ruffles,
a sweater (simple outdoor sweater in grey -
raglan construction, scoop neck, big needles),
a seed st cowl,
a bunch of hats for x-mas gifting,
some cute crocheted owls,.....and many more


and last but not least 
i'm working on secret testknits for joji 
so hard not to show any of those gorgeous designs,
time will come and i will show you all!!!!

isa k.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, she's absolutely wonderful! I adore her round body and little wings...well, I actually adore everything about her. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend. :))