Monday, October 3, 2011

current projects

caught a bad cold last week..
couldn't think straight a few days

the hoodie is on hold, cause i have to finish my
testknit for Joji; emma is going to be ready today

was a pleasure to knit and to be part of her
testing group, but i'm not sure, if this looks nice on me,
maybe not really my style of clothing...?

also working on this as a test for veera.
1 and a half sleeve to go, think i will be ready
to post a pic at the end of this week

this is another test i did last month, no pic of the finished
bag yet, cause i need to finish the lining

chris designed this wonderful messenger bag
and gave me the opportunity to test his pattern.

mine is going to be a very rustic beauty
with little alpine details

needles. 5mm 

have nice days

isa k.


  1. Hope you're feeling better! Your work looks amazing.

  2. Sie stricken so schnell! Ich bin schon neugierig, alles zu sehn können:)