Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cabled cardi for paul

did a little baby knitting 

don't know why this is rare for me?!
those little knits are soooo cute and really fast to do
and it's a pretty good option
to test stitches and yarns

working on a cabled tweed cardigan design
this cute baby garment came to my mind

lined with an old shirt from M.
had to shorten the zipper - was not funny
i never did this before, but i had no suitable
zipper on hand 

in the end all the finishing work took me more
patience than knitting ....

but all of this work is so much worth it:

look at this adorable guy

the next sweater for paul is on the go
will be some kind of a fishermens sweater
we will see....

have nice days
isa k.


  1. It's the perfect baby sweater! And it looks so professional too, great job!

  2. Total süß, das Teil, meinen Glückwunsch!

    Liebe Grüße von Mascha2

  3. Beautiful little cardi, I love the lining, I don't know if I've seen that before.

    What a lovely little baby.

  4. You are right- totally adorable. I love the lining!

  5. Wirklich süss! Gibt es eventuell eine Anleitung dafür...?

  6. HOW cute, this is really sweet! sabine