Wednesday, August 31, 2011

back home

back home......
we had 2 wonderful weeks in marsa alam [egypt]

the most time we spend in or under water
but we took lots of pics, so i can show you
 a little piece of this wonderworld

the nilevalley

footbridge to the reef

all those pics were taken directly at the hotel reef
we also made a 2 day boattrip to the sataya reef

we had so much fun snorkeling with dolphins,
maori wrasses, red sea fusiliers, giant tortoises
and many more......
it's like being on an other planet

for now i will leave you to do the unavoidable laundry...!!

have fun

isa k.


  1. Welcome back and thank you for sharing those amazing photos, they are beautiful ! I can see how you felt you were on another planet. The colours are intense and the fish are beautiful.

    Blarhhh to laundry.. the harsh reality of being

  2. wow those are amazing photos! thanks for sharing...

  3. Looks like a FANTASTIC trip! Thanks so much for sharing the photos!

  4. wow! I can understand that you enjoyed it. I`ve visited Egypt twice and am longing for our next holidays, maybe its in 6 weeks or so. But I`ve never seen turtles, it`s really like swimming or snorkeling and diving in a big aquarium.
    What camera do you have? And keep your rest and good mood as long as you can!!

  5. ohmygoodness!!!!! that looks like it was a wonderful most amazing trip! thanks for posting the pics! i can't imagine swimming with the dolphins. i so would love to do that! lucky you!!!

  6. Heidi,
    we used a little compact camera
    called canon powershot d10,
    which is 33ft. waterproof.