Wednesday, July 13, 2011

where's my time goin ???

just a little sign of life

had to take an additional job to get rid
of those financial problems my ex caused .....
and i had to realize that my time is running out..

not that i'm not knitting,...and sewing,...and crafting
but there's no time to take pics or post about

so for today i have only a few pics of
my new dresses and a sneak peak of my current knitting

have to take a better pic of the front
and show you this super cute velvet winter coat i made

working on a grey blithe 
only the cap sleeves to finish!!

hope you all have happy days

hugs isa k.


  1. i send you lots of good vibes ... and i love your blithe.

  2. Sorry to hear things are crappy for you at the moment.
    That coat is adorable and I'm actually just about to cast on for Blithe, love that pattern.

  3. happy to see you over here ... so nice things ... just as usual ... take care

  4. the dresses are gorgeous! you are so talented :) and i LOVE blithe. wowza. I hadn't been looking at kim's patterns in a while... that's lovely!
    no fun having to be stressed about finances... i know all about it....but so happy to see you pop in here! xx oh. ps. my caramel is done! i love it!! i'll let you know when the blog post is up about it. :)

  5. Keep calm and knit on, dear Isabell! You are very talented and very strong, too. You can make it! So we can see more of your gorgeous creation on Ravelry and read happier story here soon.

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  7. What would it be if you had enough time! you really are a "handcraft-aholic"
    congratulations for your coat, is'nt velvet to hard to sew?

  8. That velvet dress looks amazing - can't wait to see the front. Have a happy summer regardless of things going on :)

  9. Simply gorgeous ! ..I really love the sweet dress with the flowers on it.