Sunday, April 17, 2011

jogging route

today i wanna show you my jogging route
it is so beautiful these days to go for a run
and see nature coming back
all those bright greens everywhere
little flowers by the wayside
it's such a pleasure to live in the countryside
no more than 5 minutes to reach

and this


sometimes there are some onlookers...

a sweet little squirrel on my way,
and some strawberries...


isn't it a wonderful part of the world?
i think spring is the most stunning time of year
nature changes every day
life is everywhere and the colours,...
how i love them!!!
my testknit for veera is making progress
this time i want something blue
deep, denim blue

see you,

isa k.


  1. Beautiful run! I especially love the stone steps.

  2. I wish my running routes were that pretty! I do have a trail that was dreary during the winter, but might be perking up a bit now.