Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter weekend

easter goodies 

made some cute fabric hearts for the ladies

 got a gift from M. ....
a special easter remix cd
and the most special thing about that is:
he painted the cover himself


today we had a great time with the family
a sunny day and lots of fun
searching eggs ...
(green coloured eggs were hidden in the green grass)
solving easter riddles
lots of laughter
and goodies

delicious carrot muffins
and daisychains... 

 tomorrow my second owlsister and her boyfriend
will be back from austria for a few days 
so we all made a date for a family bbq

have a nice one

isa k.



  1. Did you make the muffins and if so would you share the recipe with us...please. Thanks I have tried your other recipes and they are delicious. Thanks

  2. I love your creative gift from M :0
    There's nothing better, is there?

  3. my mom made the muffins this year, but I will post the recipe the next days...
    and yes, there is nothing better than my big one;)

  4. really looking forward to the muffin recipe... they look super tasty!!!