Thursday, April 14, 2011

april in b.

one day in april in b.


finished my testknit
and it looks so cute! 
i'm really pleased with the outcome

did a few minor mods.
co for size s on 2.5mm needles for ribbing
changed to 3.5mm needles and
dec to xs numbers for body
omitted the side ribbing at the armholes
inc to size s numbers for hip ribbing
dec to xs numbers after ribbing
shortened the lower part
omitted the armhole ribbing, cause it fits without 

the sideseam looks very, very nice
tried to knit those 3 sts very tight and it worked

can't say how beastly cold it was when doing the shots


no project on my needles,....hehehehe
i know you wouldn't believe

started a testknit for wonderful veera 
she was so kind offering me to test her newest sweater alga


have a nice one

isa k. 

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