Friday, March 11, 2011

crafty roundup

my week wasn't that nice
spend most of my time with averting a disaster
the man i was married to a long, long time ago (seams to be
a long time, but....) has huge financial problems
shouldn't be my problem any more, but unfortunately it is.
he still owns a half of my home; additional i gave him 
an absolute suretyship for one of his accounts...
so i spend my week with lawyers, in court, with bankers
and so on.....
nevertheless i had a crafty week, maybe it's because of that disaster that i did all those things...?

first an armchair makeover

mr. rossi loves it

me too,.. in his former life this armchair was nice and white

thought that i need some colour changes and went on
dying the covers...........
total flop!!!!
stains all over..darker, lighter, small and large stains!
so i dived into my fabricstash and
started a total makeover.
and it worked! i'm very pleased with it now

also started some new knitting projects..;))

this will be a striped cardi with garter borders
yarn. fortissima alpaka in gray and trekking pro natura in mustard, both sockyarns i had in my stash
needles. 3 mm (am i mad?, a whole cardi on such small needles?!!)

swatched for another cardi

pattern. forestry by veronik avery,
i did this before and i like my forestry that much that
i'm going for another one
yarn. wollness uni by austermann
needles. 3.5 mm and 4 mm

got a new storage for some part of my sewing stuff

a lunchbox!
so cool!!

have a good day
hopefully my days will get better

isa k.


  1. I am a follower of your blog and finding everything you make is lovely and charming. Good influence on me. Thank you.

  2. Gray and yellow stripes! Be still, my heart! I'm wishing for your past to settle down and stay in the past. I hope it sorts out well!

  3. I hope your next week will be better spent.

  4. So jealous of your storage container! I hope everything works out for you. <3

  5. Hope you have a much better week! Love the lunch box!!