Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sweater in progress

had to rip back all of yesterdays work...:(
the pockets didn't look like i wanted them to...
so here is what it looked yesterday night

 and here we can see the same sweater this morning

restarted without the pockets, 15 cm to go

think i will add shortrows to shape the bottom.
the length of the sleeves is not decided yet,
but i tend to longsleeves, .......we'll see

took new pics of my mandel testknit
think i will go with the other testknitters and start a second.

for this time i'll change a few things:
lighter yarn
smaller saddles
less bodyincs
more rows for the pleats

isa k.


  1. The pocket looks cute to me! Try to envision what the sweater looks like:-) Will be interesting to see your second mandel too!..Sunny

  2. Love the entire look! I've seen you wear that scarf before (I follow you on Ravelry)...can you give me a hint about the yarn? It looks like a pattern I recently bought that calls for Noro Taiyo. What did you use? The color is gorgeous!!

  3. Thank you!!
    I used West [by LANG YARNS], about 3 skeins
    in col. 732.0003

  4. Perfect, I have some Lang yarn in my stash already. I can't wait to see what you make next, you talent is incredible!