Thursday, February 10, 2011

stripy cowl

the cowl turned out so cute,..... had a few issues with the kitchener grafting, but i got it done..hooray!!!!
here i'm also wearing my favorite hat (this winters fav :))
a simple st st striped huge hat with a pom made out of an old lambskin jacket. this one is cozy and warm and goes with most
of my clothes

stripy cowl
  yarn: colora 150g
needles: 5mm circulars
used crocheted provisional co method
co 120 sts knit in plain st st in the round
until the tube is 70 cm long
[added a few stripes as i went along]
grafted with kitchener st

tweedy bliss

my favorite is the bright yellow

isa k.


  1. The hat looks so cute on you, Isabell. I love hats too but my head is just not for hats. Almost no hats look good on me:-( except the charcoal..hoohoo../sunny

  2. Thank you so much, I really love this hat and wear it all days (except the days I wear another of my million hats ;))