Wednesday, February 23, 2011

second mandel

so far it looks good, the deep v-neck turned out well
and it's much drapier, so i think the pleats will
block nice!! 

Anke invited the whole mandel test group to test
her mandelinspired cardi walnuss, isn't that great!!!
dreaming of a buttoned version, maybe in a bright
solid colour?


yesterday i thought about a project i really wanted to
do for a long, long time
got the alabama stitch book last year, i think it was my
birthday, but i'm not sure.........
i adore the skirt so much,
so today, after sewing the carnival costume for bennet
with alenka, i took the book and made up my mind about the colours - white and grey
immediately went to buy some xxl tees and started



much more work than i thought, but it will be worth it
i know!!!
first paneel is done, 3 to go....

isa k.


  1. I want this all, a striped Mandel (unbelievable supernice!) and the leaf piece too. I like the working pics very much - full of energy and promises.