Thursday, February 17, 2011


this sweater could have been worn by wonderful
audrey hepburn..:)
looks so clean and chic, I'm really pleased how it ended up
made 3/4 sleeves with little cute keyholes

 named it after the character hepburn plays in one of my fav hepburn movies charade

the sweater is blocking now, so i think i can show it
the next days


started the second mandel
yarn: alpaca, wool, acrylic
needles: 3mm for the saddles, 4mm for the body
one row stripes, so i had to omit the shortrows of the saddles and shape them at the end

we'll see how it goes


  1. Ha..i've been checking here everyday and finally get to take a peek at the FO:-) Can't wait to see you model it. I love Hepburn too.


  2. I would love to see Reggie too. Than I consider that you maybe write pattern for this?

  3. just a matter of time....we are in our birthday month....we'll see