Saturday, February 12, 2011

my home

let me introduce you to my deer friend, who's hanging around
on my wall......he is decorated from time to time,
at the moment he has a few days off...
thinking about little birds and flowers for his antlers.

in the background you can see our stylish kitchen lamp...hehehe
not the only one of light bulbs without a "home" in our house

a new project on my needles...
cotton yarn in a pale gray/beige
4 mm needles
simple raglan construction

started with 4 garter rows
added a few [ 6 i think ] shortrows to the back
then worked back and forth shaping raglan in every 2nd row
until piece was about 6 cm long, to get this cute, little keyhole
on the left shoulder. joined to work in rounds,
raglan incs now in every 4th rnd on front and back, in every 2nd
rnd for the sleeves
this will be my tv knitting for the next days,
plain st st - pure relaxing

G. is ready with cooking, 
see you
isa k.


  1. Looks great so far!


  2. Can't wait to see the FO. How many sts did you cast on? I am a sz xs-s , so i am pretty safe if i copy your numbers:-) ..i know i know..i am lazy....sunny

  3. Hi Sunny,
    I started with 120 sts, divided in 56 sts for front, 8 sts for each sleeve and 48 sts for the back...more infos coming soon;)