Wednesday, February 2, 2011


changed my mind about the colour....
had this bluish darkgreen merinoblend on hand
and started to swatch

got gauge with 5 mm needles
think I will knit the smallest size and see how it fits

this thing is flying off the needles!!

wonderful mindless knitting while watching tv
back and front are done and the
sleeves knit up very fast

all those ends to weave in...!!!
it's been a long time that I had so much finishing work on
a knitted garment
but it's totally worth it
this will be my new outdoor sweater
it's cozy and warm and with that much ease I could wear
enough under it ...

what's that going wrong with me not being able to
knit one project after the other...?
still working on this testknit,
I started and finished kaari,
yesterday started another (new) hat and now
my second eye catched the raindrops 
pattern in this patternbook

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