Friday, January 21, 2011


my new hat, 
knitted a few more of these for friends, but never had time to take pics
so here is my very own one!!!
plain and simple with just enough slouch


worked with 2 yarns held together
brim worked flat in garter st
body of hat in rounds in stst 

you will need about 150 m alpaca superlight and the same amount of merino 120 
circulars and dpns US size 8

and, if you like, pom-poms, buttons, embroidery thread, embellish the little hat

see this post for inspiration

here is what I did:

gauge was 20 sts = 10 cm

CO 10 sts, work in garter st for 64 rows ridges, BO all sts
sew BO edge to CO edge to form a ring

pick up 96 sts around ring and join to knit in rounds
work in st st until body of hat measures 14 cm ( without band)
beg decreasing:

rnd 1: *k10, k2tog; rep from* to end
k 3 rnds
rnd 5: k4, k2tog, *k9, k2tog; rep from* to last 5 sts, k5
k 2 rnds
rnd 8: k2tog, *k8, k2tog; rep from* to last 8 sts, k8
k 1 rnd
rnd 10: k4, k2tog, *k7, k2tog; rep from* to last 3 sts, k3
k 1 rnd
rnd 12: k2tog, *k2, k2tog; rep from* to last 2 sts, k2
k 1 rnd
rnd 14: *k1, k2tog; rep from* to end
k 1 rnd
rnd 15 + 16: k2tog around

cut yarn, leaving an end for sewing. draw through rem sts, pull up tightly
and weave in end. 


  1. 64 rows or 64 ridges?
    (pattern whisperer on rav)

  2. how did you attach the brim to the body?

  3. the sts were picked up around the brim

  4. how are you meant to pick up 96 stitches when there are only 64 rows?

  5. You have to work 64 ridges (1 ridge = 2 rows)
    so you pick up 2 sts every 3 rows

  6. If I used worsted weight yarn with size 8 circular needles..Holding only one strand ..started out with 106 st joined in the round instead and k 1 p1 first 3 rows then knit all for 32 rows and continued the rest of your pattern from then on, would the hat come out the same?


  7. maybe 106 sts will be a bit loose for the brim
    I would go with the given amount of 96 sts

  8. hello,
    thank you so much for sharing the pattern. I've just finshed knitting the hat and it turned out great! Not too big and not noo small, and most of all, not itchy or scratchy;))I love the pattern and the yarn you suggested. I think I'm going to make another hat like that for my sister, thanks so much again!!!

  9. if you are making this hat for a man who has a head measuring 23 inches how many ridges would you suggest i knit?

    1. You could try aiming for a 21" length rather than a specific # of ridges.

      Head circumference - 2" = (knitted) brim size
      Pretty standard.

  10. This is a very nice hat that will get a LOT of use :)
    I've got some Drops merino and alpaca that I'll be using for this one (trying to keep that stash down!)

  11. What size wool did you use?

    1. alpaca superlight is lace weight
      merino 120 is dk weight

  12. How wide is the brim of the hat?

  13. I love everything you knit! You are really talented !

    I'm new to knitting but would like to make this hat. Is there a reason why the brim has to be knitted flat? Can I knit the hat in the round starting with the garter sitch? I'm not great at sewing so I was hoping to avoid this step. Can I CO 96 stitches?

    Thanks for your help and keep on knitting!


  14. hey! i must say i love your patterns, thanks soo much for sharing ; ) but i'm dying to know if you have a pattern for the sweater you wearing in this pic?? i keep seeing it on pinterest when i search for a good sweater pattern, it's just what i'm looking for but, i can't seem to find one.. it'll be greatly appreciated, thanks again! ; )

  15. May I ask what your head circumference measurement is? I'm making this hat for a person with an XXL size head and I think I'm probably going to have to try and upsize this pattern. Thank you!

  16. I'm super confused because I have 64 ridges but can't seem to pick up 96 stitches! I feel like making 96 ridges to be able to pick up 96 stitches.please HELP!!!! any video tutorials?

  17. ha ha ....... yes laugh at myself often! Better late than never finding this lovely hat even though Spring is on its way down here in Australia! Thank you Isabell for sharing this lovely design and thank you so much for all that you do share, both here and on Ravelry. Much appreciated

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